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Like many Pioneer Spirits drawn to the Taos area, Reese Murphy, owner of Taos Sage Waters Massage & Spa, was drawn to the oceanic sage and golden chamisa extending from the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

Reese has provided transformational massage & spa treatments with her staff for many years, and Taos Sage Waters Massage and Spa has always been known for its quality, compassion and skill.  She and her staff offer a wealth of expertise in their integrated modalities, providing each client a truly healing, transformative and uplifting experience. 

The Taos Magnet

After visiting Taos for 20 years Reese felt that she belonged here and moved initially with the intention to write her novel series. Now with two novels published and more on the way, her massage practice is still a priority. She feels that the magic of the culture, the arts, the music, the skies, the light, the mountains, the holistic community, and the silent whispers are embedded within. The shared spirit, both spoken and unspoken, is celebrated by all with ongoing gratefulness for being here. She offers those drawn to Taos Sage Waters Massage & Spa, her heart-centered business, the opportunity to appreciate the same.  

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Reese Murphy, LMT  #3214 
Taos SageWaters Massage & Spa

Rainbows over the Taos Mountains, a beautiful place to rejuvenate.

Reservations, Payments & Cancellation Policy: Reservations for sessions should be secured by calling Reese to schedule a time and providing credit card data (575.758.4634)Advance payment for bodywork sessions may be made using your Credit Card or PayPal account by clicking the secure Paypal link (on the Massage and Spa Menu page) and completing the transaction. If advance payment is made, you may either call or email Lee to schedule your time. Payment can also be made at the time service is rendered with cash or check. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.