Energy Work and Healing for Animals

Equine, Canine & Feline Bodywork

Energy Balancing and Massage

Lee Hester, HTACP #37, ESMT II, N.M. L.M.T. #1473

Lee's studies related to therapy with animals have included:

  • Healing Touch for Animals®

  • Canine and Equine Massage

  • Equine Energy Work

  • Quantum Touch®

  • Reiki

  • Acupressure

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • 5-Element Therapy

  • Meridians & Specific Conditions

  • Equine Jin Shin

  • The Equine Touch®

  • Equine Musculo-Structural Integration

  • Equine Stress Control Therapy

  • Animal Homeopathy

  • Bach Flower Remedies and Essential oils

  • Work with the Photonic Therapy
    (red light therapy)

  • Tuning Forks.

Application of Healing Touch for Animals® helped save 5-day old Rohan from a traumatic birth experience.

Application of vibrating tuning forks on Donnie to open blocked energy (aging Donnie loves the forks).

Animals recognize that Lee is here to help them.

The photos below feature some of her own beloved animals through the years.

Horses, in particular, are so linked energetically, that a “group meditation” and processing takes place affecting the herd and the therapist, even beyond the session.

Lee finds that animals are acutely sensitive to energy work. They respond to the changing waves of energy flow in and around them, often with no direct touch at all.  Such “work” proves to be beneficial for the animal and intriguing and amazing to Lee. Here, she works with Sir William.

 As Chico receives energetic balancing, his head drops, his mouth quivers, and he sinks into deep relaxation.

Adult animals and young animals can all benefit from Lee's trained gentle touch therapies.

Collage Captions (Left)

Line 1: Ayla Shanti Wolf . Shanti Shoongaze, Lee and Taos Mountain . 
Ayla Wolf, Lee & Shanti Wolf .

Line 2: More of Lee's Shanti kids. 

Line 3: A's Babies, Indian Paintbrush, Lucita, "Miss Kitty" Guardian of Taos Sage Waters . 

Line 4: Ayla, Lee and Shanti Wolf; Ayla Wolf; Shoongaze; Lee and Shanti Wolf.

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Timo . An Inspiring Equine Connection

"Timo (Timoleague) was my first trainer in "Liberty Foundations" horsemanship. I couldn't resist doing a bit of energy work with him during the last 8 days before his transition to his "forever pastures." Though being 20 years old, he still had deep tensions from his racing days long ago, at age 2-6. He responded right away to the energy work, relaxing to the point of breaking the habit of anxiety when being separated from his companion mini-horse, Annie. His sweet responses made my summer." ~Lee, Taos Sage Waters Massage & Spa