Photos by Lee of Sage Waters of Taos
and Selected Others

Beautiful Flowers at Taos Sage Waters: Lilacs, Sage, Rainbows and The Mountain ... Click the gallery photos to view them larger.

Christmas in Taos, NM - Happy Holidays

FLOWERS: A selection of flowers around Sage Waters Property. Golden Chamisa framing Taos Mountain. Purple Thistle, Orange Poppies and River Rocks,  Yellow Sunflowers, Pink Hollyhocks and trays of wheat grass, Lilacs framing Taos Mountain.

golden chamisa at Taos Sage Waters welcomes the Fall season in Northern New Mexico
vibrant wheat grass poses in front of North Star Suite of Taos Sage Waters
Purple Thistle


A typical Taos field and mountain scene and a misty mystical view of the mountains.

Sunrise by Lee from Sage Waters Property and Sunset by Lesley.

Rio Grande River Gorge near Taos by Lynard Stroud  and Black and White Mountains by Lee.

Walking Rain by Geraint Smith and Dusky Mountain Light.

Cat in the  Mist and Taos Earth Day Drum Circle.

Photo of Taos Drum Circle

Sunflower Greens and Wheatgrass/Sunflowers Greens - Lee cultivates them at her property for health and nutrition benefits. 

Hiking Williams Lake by Lee