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Inner Resonance Cleanse Retreat

Intensive spiritual activation and purification cleanse retreat for 4 or 7 days & nights in Taos, NM

  • $2,200 or $3,600
  • Phone Call or Zoom (link provided)

Service Description

Restore and activate; Give yourself the time to heal/transmute and reflect in Taos, New Mexico, a magical and special location. We have seen that the comprehensive process of cleansing the mind, body, and spirit in a field of unconditional love and deep, individualized care, holds massive potential in unlocking a beings’ greatest healing and highest path. The changes we have witnessed in people after this 4 or 7-day cleanse process is absolutely extraordinary. Our team works with a wide array of physical and energetic healing modalities and have landed on this protocol as our waypoint due to the scale of transformation that takes place over a relatively short period of time. Field of Love: The field of love and degree of care is transformational in and of itself. We are committed to hold an impeccable field of unconditional love for the service of humanity and the planet. Once you have experienced the gift of being held in true unconditional love, there is no higher purpose in the world than to share this love with others and the planet. Cleansing and Purification of the Body: One of the key reasons this protocol goes so deep is the pragmatic focus on clearing toxicity out of the colon, liver, and greater digestive tract. Many of the blocks we experience in our daily habits and patterns are stored as physical toxicity or parasites – some of which we have carried since childhood. Prior to arriving, you will be guided through a gentle at home pre-cleanse process. It is imperative to clear the body of toxicity in order to heal wounds and traumas stored in the body. This cleanse process is designed by two South African women healers for the toxicity specific to the Western world. During your stay, you will be guided through deep levels of cleansing and purification to support your healing process and cultivate a space of inner resonance. Based on a conversation with you, Reese and the team will design a unique program specific to your healing needs. COST: $3,600 for 7 days $2,200 for 4-days $1,000 deposit (this secures your spot) Reese can provide a one-on-one experience OR join small group of 2-3 LOCATION: Taos, NM Includes: accommodations, food, cleanse support and guidance. Join Reese and a team of healers in Taos for an in-depth spiritual experience. Come restore your Soul. ***Note: You are booking a FREE consultation with Reese. She will help to determine whether this cleanse and healing process is right for you.***

Cancellation Policy

-In the case of a cancellation for the retreat or sexual trauma course, advance notice to cancel and receive a full refund is 2 weeks. -In the case of all other healing services, advance notice to cancel and receive a full refund is 3 days. There is no charge to reschedule.

Contact Details


Taos, New Mexico, USA

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