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Darius' Endless Cord Trilogy

Jewels is a Soul on a mission. Darius is her guide. Follow Jewels on her journey through the dark night of the soul to clarity and alignment to her highest path. Learn with her as she navigates the bumpy wheel of Karma and discovers who she really is.

Welcome to Darius' World

I am Darius. I am a Stellar Soul. I was born eons ago in the Milky Way Galaxy. I protect free will for all. After I completed my mission of reincarnating on earth as a human, I knew my next experience was to become a guide. After extensive training, I chose an effervescent soul who I named Jewels-the-Soul. She and I have been steady companions ever since. 

Spirals of Light Novel Book Cover
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Book 3: Spirals of Light

The conclusion of this trilogy completes the journey of starseed Julia McNeil as she closes the loop on Karmic debts, fulfills soul contracts and continues on her journey of self-discovery. Will her inner guidance  direct Julia, helping her align her life to her highest outcome? Or will she remain asleep and disconnected for the remainder of her lifetime? 

In learning the story of Julia, the reader will continue to develop tools, receive activations and learn the signs to look for when learning to align your path to their inner voice. Watch your awareness unfold as Julia discovers her hidden potential and changes the lives of countless individuals, sacrificing herself to give back to others. Will she be able to heal herself so that she can step into her ultimate calling as a shamanic healer?

Gain insight into Darius' world as he searches for Julia through time and space never giving up hope. Julia has strayed so far from her path that Darius cannot find her. Learn about another world altogether as you learn about other dimensions and ultimately gain a greater understanding of yourself. 


Will Julia awake to her inner voice and remember to follow the spiral of light? Can she see the luminosity that has always been there…leading the way home to her awakened self?

    Russell J. Suchana Jr.

"If you’re aware that you have a mission on this planet in this lifetime - read this book! Especially if you identify as being a Lightworker or Starseed, you’ll relate to the journey of the heroine, Julia. She’s human, doing her best, messing up, figuring it out as she goes - day by day connecting more deeply to her divine path.

I loved how Spirals of Light works on multiple levels. I found it hard to put down from page 1. I was so caught up in the story as Julia navigates life- her relationships, her work, her 3D existence. What makes this book such a treasure is the added level - the transmission of spiritual wisdom that the reader receives as Julia evolves and learns from her spirit guide, Darius. I finished the book feeling so uplifted. I didn’t want it to end!"
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Book 2: Masquerading Shadows

Masquerading Shadows begins as the age of innocence evaporates and the dark night of the soul appears. At seventeen, Julia McNeil has already explored the world and experienced great love. All seems right in her universe. But the obstacles that await Julia will challenge her in ways she never could have anticipated.


Love. Spirituality. Motherhood. Loss. All will force Julia to confront her true self. And she must do so alone: Darius, the celestial guide who watches over her, loses track of Julia. They must wander alone in separate realms.

How will Julia manage to survive what’s about to happen? In following the journey of Julia McNeil, the reader will learn about the divine feminine, delve into shadow work and witness Julia's dark night of the soul. This book will leave you transformed and help the reader to begin to see the world differently. 

    Carla L. Sharpe

"A voyage of self-realization told through the eyes of a young woman unwittingly caught in a cycle of conflict and abuse. I found it almost impossible to put the book down after the first page. She faces extraordinary tragedy, unrequited love, abuse, and isolation, yet nothing will stop her from accomplishing her mission. References to her spirit guide who attempts to guide her through a perilous journey will bring the reader to an unusual dimension of reality most of us choose to ignore. Well worth reading."
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Book 1: Souls Blossom in Winter​

From day one, Bridget Julia McNeil has grown up quickly. As a child of the ’60s, girl of the ’70s, and teenager of the ’80s, she learns to navigate her own path, stumbling and regaining her balance along the way.


That path takes her from her childhood homes in Arizona and Colorado to Mexico, Hawaii, and, finally, on a great travel adventure in the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, and India. Love and the search for enlightenment suffuse her travels.


What she does not realize is that her journey has a guide: from a place near the center of all creation, the spirit Darius watches over Bridget Julia, making sure she is always safe and on the right track in a mission she has no idea she is on.

Prema Gaia

"Reese Jula is a gifted writer with an old soul and an important voice to share through her engaging writings; A voice of wisdom, inspiration, self-love and trust in the Divine Plan for each of our lives, no matter the varying twists, turns, 'dark nights', leaps of faith, spirit-guided pilgrimages, 'rebirths' and awakenings they may lead us to.

We need all the visionary feminine leaders possible sharing their voices and their soul-sourced creative gifts in today's metamorphic times: especially those who have walked the path of healing themselves to support in assisting in the healing of the world through the gifts received from their courageous paths.
I look forward to following Jula's work and writings!"

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Spirals of Light Book Cover
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