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Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing Services

Awakening and activating souls with transformative healing:

Intensive activation, healing

and relaxation. Price includes healing, accommodations and meals and all cleansing support.

Cost for 7-Day Retreat: $3,600

Cost for 4-Day Retreat: $2,200

Cost Per 1.5 Hour Session: $150

Sessions 1.5 Hours+

Longer Sessions Available!

Recommend 3 Sessions 

Energetically dissolve obsolete self-perceptions and dis-empowering belief systems and regain connection to Source Consciousness.

Sexual abuse of any kind can leave a deep and lasting wound that can impact one’s entire life.

Through this precisely designed course you will learn, unearth, and discover your habits and patterns and dissolve them. 

Cost for 9-week live online course



TRILOGY: Darius' Endless Cord

Souls Blossom in Winter - Novel by Reese Jula Murphy

Lose yourself in the captivating story of Julia and watch her blossom into her true self. Along the way, you will learn about shadow work, the divine feminine and the ascension. Develop new tools for ascension as you witness Julia's dark night of the soul and eventual awakening to her true self. These books are more than a story, they are an activation and alignment to help you find your path back to Eternal Source Consciousness.

The Time is Now


Reese Jula Murphy

Energetic healer, star seed, mother and grandmother, I am a multi-layered individual. Through experiencing trauma from a young age, I learned how to heal and transmute myself. Now I'm fulfilling my calling in healing others through soul restorations, energetic cleansing activations deep body cleanse retreats, and live course work to transmute sexual trauma. I can help you awaken to your inner voice and start the journey to align to your highest purpose and mission. 

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