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Healer, star-seed and visionary, Reese Jula Murphy has made it her mission to leave a positive imprint on the future. From founding a life-changing sustainable leadership program for youth to energetic healing and karmic alignments, Reese has and continues to change the world activating and empowering one person at a time.

About Reese Jula Murphy

Origin Story

Reese created a healing sanctuary for both the body and the Soul. She has over twenty five years of experience and offers a wealth of expertise in combined integrated spiritual modalities, providing each client a truly healing, transformative and uplifting experience. She  also designs ceremonies to support conscious death transition and offers energetic karmic clearings for the restoration of the Soul. Book a session today.


The vision for the trilogy, Darius’ Endless Cord, came streaming in during six weeks of daily meditations in Auroville, India. It is a fictional series of novels dedicated to healing trauma and seeing life through the perspective of the Soul can push a human to evolve. Three books have been written and more are being planned.

A mother of two grown children and four grandsons, and one granddaughter, Reese lives in the high desert of New Mexico where she runs a healing restoration sanctuary: Taos Sage Waters.

Sun Rise

A journey that started in pain and ended in healing:

I was five years old. It was the first time I was molested by a male babysitter who was eighteen. The next time was more insidious. I was ten years-old, and I was raped by a friend's step-father. I have spent much of my life since then seeking effective forms of therapeutic healing processes dedicated  to my on-going recovery. The more that one needs to heal inside, the more that they understand how to help others heal.

I've made it my mission to turn my trauma into positive change. This is why I have built a healing sanctuary and written books that are meant to heal and activate others, delivering them the words that they need to hear at the right moment. Through the fictional stories I publish, and a new project for women's restoration, I support the movement to "Rise and Equality of all Women Globally". Let's end the violence against all women now.



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Join me in healing both the body and the Soul.

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Reese Jula Murphy
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